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If he had become an addict again before his death, why was he using a very expensive and very dangerous hospital grade anaesthetic? And why would he pay a doctor $150,000 a month for this service, when he could probably go to any doctor in hollywood and get himself some Demerol pills for a fraction of the cost. It shows that Propofol was something he was desperate for because of the purpose it served i.e. enabling him to sleep, rather than because he was a junkie wanting to get his kicks.
Because of the financial agreement with AEG, ie AEG were funding his habits. The current case centres on a uncompleted contract with Conrad Murray, as to who was paying Murray and who knew what.

Basically Michael didn't have a gold lined pot to pee in, until Tom Barrack came along with an eye for investment and stopped the foreclosure of Neverland.

From an article written in the L.A. Times a month before Michael died...

His backers envision the shows at AEG's O2 as an audition for a career rebirth that could ultimately encompass a three-year world tour, a new album, movies, a Graceland-like museum, musical revues in Las Vegas and Macau, and even a "Thriller" casino. Such a rebound could wipe out Jackson's massive debt.
In theory Michael had consolidated all his loans into 'This It Is' but it was AEG that owned the shows and copryright of any footage because they were picking up the tab for Michael's lifestyle.
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