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BIB - Absolutely spot on!!!. To compare what happens on a scripted show to what happened with Hall is laughable
Honestly are the viewers of ITV2 living on a diet of Towie, Celeb Juice and Peter Andre going to be looking at Celeb Juice and admiring the satirical element of the comedy?

The point being made is that someone people say it was different in the 1960's & 70's, when humour was Benny Hill chasing buxom blondes. There would comedy sketches in which a comedian made a play for a busty blonde but being frustrated and by a non attractive female played by Patrica Hayes.

It's been suggested it was in that comedy/social enviroment Stuart Hall was free to operate.

But have things changed?

On Celeb Juice the host hit on the moist lipped blonde busty female and riddiculed the large nosed flat chested female.

The gestures and language is far more explicit with for example, "I'd smash your back doors in" openly being said usually to female guests.

I'm suggesting out in society males may now feel they can go further with what they say and do openly than in the past and females have to accept it or be seen as not one of the crowd?
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