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Propofol is not a sleeping pill and is not known to have the addictive potential of typical sleeping pills such as benzodiazepines
Extracts from medical research conducted into 22 cases of Propofol addiction....

Regarding the course of addiction, the vast majority of cases (68%) presented within 4 months of using propofol and, surprisingly, 4 cases (18%) arrived in treatment after a single propofol binge.
This study reviewed the drugs used by this population. Propofol was the userís drug of choice in 11 of the cases (50%). In 2 of these cases, their initial drugs of choice were fentanyl and another 2 were alcohol but had converted to propofol after developing a preference.
Propofol dependent patients commonly have a history of depression and earlier life trauma. ..... The time from initial use to treatment entry is often contracted when compared with other drugs of abuse making the diagnosis of a true dependence disorder and disposition after treatment more difficult.
Not sure how you can claim it's not addictive, here's the full report.
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