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Do you understand how a mortgage works, it's based on lending money secured against an asset.

If Michael had assets worth hundreds of millions if not billions then securing a loan for a piddling $40m would have been a piece of cake.

But if he's already mortgaged his assets up to the hilt and very likely beyond, then even Wonga would have refused him a loan.
His debts were over $400M and his assets worth atleast $1BN. Just because he wasn't able to get another loan doesn't mean his assets are worthless.

AEG would never have gotten into business with him unless they had a way of recouping their money. They knew he was very unreliable and they wouldn't be so foolish as to give him $30M with no chance of a return if the shows fail.

Extracts from medical research conducted into 22 cases of Propofol addiction....
Minimal recent research isn't enough to convince me MJ was addicted to Propofol. You forget the huge factor that he was receiving only one dose a day. Some addiction that.
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