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I have heard two conflicting accounts of Jon Pertwee( still my favourite Doctor, though). My grandmother met him in a shop at Skegness Butlins in the sixties and he had the whole shop in stitches with his funny voices and expressions. My late best friend met him in 1980 and when he recognised him as Doctor Who, he abruptly told him to change the subject and walked off. Apparently he didn't like being reminded of his most famous role until very late in life.
Not excusing rudeness, but... Pertwee was (with some justification) afraid of typecasting, and felt that he stayed too long as the Doctor; he had been planning to leave a year earlier, but was persuaded to stay on, and it was the death of his close friend Roger Delgado (the Master) which finally convinced him to leave the series. He had quite a long list of successes both before and after Dr Who, and used to get quite prickly when he felt that these were being ignored. He was happy to talk about Dr Who as part of his acting career, but didn't like it to be the principal topic of conversation. Bit like Christopher Lee and Dracula (except that Lee has never got over Dracula, and I can't say I blame him).

It took a few years for him to get over this, and eventually he found that he liked the Dr Who convention circuit, and became a favourite.
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