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Since when has it been acceptable to have sex in the workplace. It would be a sackable offence even today and companies who turn a blind eye would still feel the force of public condemnation.
And I say again -- the contents of the stories coming out of the press at the moment do not implicate the BBC in any wrongdoing. No-one has said that they had the slightest shred of evidence to the effect that Hall was doing anything criminal at the BBC.

So comments like "the bbc knew all about his ways" -- yes, they potentially knew he had sex with people at work. But to try to extrapolate this is typical of the kind of numb-thinking that goes on with this forum.

Stick this morality where the sun don't shine!
Oooh, look at that. More articles that don't point to the BBC knowing Hall was a paedophile. I must retract everything

The accusation is that the BBC allowed bullying behaviour -- here's another article demonstrating this wasn't just a BBC thing:
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