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Crikey! Capital playing 'I Like the Way' right now, a song that's not from the past year or so.
Even if they're only going to play songs from 2009 onwards, there's still enough that it doesn't get annoying. But it seems they have about 10 songs from each year that they play. Like when it's a 2010 song it's always Only Girl, OMG, Pass Out, etc. There were so many amazing songs that year, but only a small selection of them get played anymore.

I have no problem with them playing old songs, but it's nearly always the same few that come up, it almost feels like they've never left the playlist since they were out.

I hope this is a sign that they widen their selection of recurrent tracks that they play.

They have all morphed into the same person if you're a casual listener.

The only one I can differentiate is James Barr.
I'm quite a regular listener, and I don't know who's who!

That said, I honestly never had complaints about the presenters. They do a good job imo. But I'm really not going to care if they switch slots or something, I probably wouldn't notice.
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