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Just been watching Coleen on this morning, talking about Bernie's book with a lump in my throat.
I know she doesn't want sympathy but, blimey, what a woman! Coleen was saying she can't sing any more because her voice/ chest has been affected, which is heartbreaking but the great thing is that she has all those recordings to immortalize her voice. I can well believe Coleen when she said she didn't want to do the interview (because she's aware there'll be accusations about 'jumping on the bandwagon'- not to mention how painful it must be) but she's doing it for Bernie and her story.

Well, Bernie and family, if this gets back to you- keep on fighting. You've already surpassed the doctors' expectations. They gave you February and we're now in May. Let's hope you can enjoy some sunshine now the weather's improving as well as the family coming together- probably more so than they have in years. Enjoy every precious minute and allow yourself to be pampered!
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