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The case continues....

Michael Jackson had a long list of prescription drugs in his system when he died in the days before his anticipated comeback tour, a toxicologist with the Los Angeles County coroner's office testified Monday.

On Monday, (Dan) Anderson testified that tests of Jackson's blood, urine and internal organs showed traces of the anesthetic propofol, the anti-anxiety drugs Valium and lorazepam, the short-term anesthetic midazolam and lidocaine, a numbing cream that paramedics sometimes use in resuscitation efforts.

Anderson said that the amount of propofol found in Jackson’s system was what you'd expect in a patient who had just undergone major surgery.
The Los Angeles coroner's office found 31 deaths in the last 14 years in which propofol was found in a body, including six suicides committed by medical personnel -- doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists -- who chose the drug to end their lives, Anderson said.
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