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Keep getting the mirror this week to read bits about her book, it's so sad it's really got to me
Yeah, you can also read some of it online, on the Mirror's website.

I really hope the past can be put where it belongs and that what's happened with Bernie helps the family to re-establish their bonds. I don't have any siblings and although I know siblings don't always get on, I would have loved to have what the Nolans have shared over their formative years.

As I said earlier in this thread, it's good to recount the positives of Bernie's achievements as well as accepting the sadness of her current situation. My dad used to book them when he was a club secretary back in their earlier days (when they were just kids) and found them adorable. My mum told me that one of the littlest sat on his knee while her older sisters performed. I'd always thought it was Coleen but my mum assures me that no, it was Bernie. I wish he was still here to ask.
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