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I don't even think you're reading my posts. You think if you just ignore evidence and say the other person is in denial that you win the discussion.

You say that MJ hid his drug abuse, yet he wrote and released a song called Morphine, inspired by his painkiller addiction in 1993.

Have i ever blamed AEG for MJ's death? No.

Are you honestly saying that MJ was being administered a very expensive, very dangerous, hospital strength anaesthetic because he was a junkie who just wanted to get his kicks, instead of the more obvious scenario in which he desperately wanted something to cure his insomnia?
The fact that he was taking the drug to sleep rather than get high doesn't negate the fact he may have been addicted to it. A high proportion of opium addicts are not addicted to herion but to Valium which in a lot of cases was probably taken for medical rather than recreational reasons.
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