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Welcome Gortonian!

Apart from picking though various publications, I get most of my info on PA, KP, CAN etc from this forum, which treats these muppets with a great mix of both scrutiny and humour, and I do note that those who watch the show comment that Pete has set Emily up as a saint in the eyes of the children. For example, he described the children as being "absolutely obsessed" (really?)with Emily, the TV show (apparently) shows Emily being affectionate with the children and he comments that the children want to become doctors because of Emily and what a great role model she is.

Of course KP has told magazines that both Alex and Leo were good with the kids and taken photos of them enjoying pancakes etc on Twitter, but PA's language and insistence goes overboard, imo. Couple this with sudden decisions to move to Australia in the future with Emily and he may as well just say to KP "I have found a much better mother than you, the kids are obsessed with her, and we'll all end up in Austrailian together, **** you, *****" Like you say "red rag to a bull" - I agree. Lord only knows what this is doing to the kids heads. I may not be a fan but it makes me feel quite sorry for KP who, according to her father, has always been damaged by parental splits and divided loyalty.
Really? You learn something new every day. Speaking of learning, one of the first rules of writing is 'write about what you know'.
Princess was kissing Ems all over her forehead and does seem to be stuck to her like glue. I don't know how he'd managed to 'set her up as a Saint' in their eyes, though. How would you go about doing that?
It's the first time he's allowed a girlfriend to be filmed with the kids, whereas KP has said each of her ex's has been the best ever with Harvey & let them carry Junior in front of the paps. She can't really complain, since this isn't a revenge thing, but natural relationships. I would say the changing Uncles are probably worse for the kids than one Emily.
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