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Really? You learn something new every day. Speaking of learning, one of the first rules of writing is 'write about what you know'.
Princess was kissing Ems all over her forehead and does seem to be stuck to her like glue. I don't know how he'd managed to 'set her up as a Saint' in their eyes, though. How would you go about doing that?
It's the first time he's allowed a girlfriend to be filmed with the kids, whereas KP has said each of her ex's has been the best ever with Harvey & let them carry Junior in front of the paps. She can't really complain, since this isn't a revenge thing, but natural relationships. I would say the changing Uncles are probably worse for the kids than one Emily.

Of course it is, most bizarre to try and paint it any other way.
Random stranger after random stranger, 'wedding' after 'wedding' just how many more random strangers and weddings can they expect to be dragged to before they reach double figures which by all accounts doesn't appear to be a big deal.....however ridicule a woman as a 'saint' and why? because she's not a racially offensive, bullying, self obsessed , vacuous and ignorant blob of plastic orange?
This 'saint' is pretty much a constant in their life at the moment and that is not a bad thing considering the upheaval and confusion and strangers they are subject to in their p*ss poor mothers house.
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