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Really? You learn something new every day..
I feel I have to defend KP against a PR hate campaign against her, but that does not made me a fan. I have lost count about how many times this has been reiterated on this forum by various FM and yet every time we're being denounced as fans, closet fans etc . If I had a cupboard full of horse tat and glittery shite, as someone who accepts post-feminist without embracing it - I wouldn't have a problem announcing myself as a KP fan. It seems some people cannot compute that some some people just don't like what PA and his cronies are up to - full stop. No agenda, no ulterior motive. So stop this derailing nonsense please.

I doing need to pull a million links to show you evidence of Peter making Emily the new saintly, betterer mother figure - you've doubtlessly already read them so I don't need to answer the rest of your post. I also added that KP was also guilty of this but not as persistent, over the top or even threatening so nothing to argue there either.
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