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I feel I have to defender KP against a PR hate campaign against her, but that does not made me a fan. I have lost count about how many times this has been reiterated on this forum by various FM and yet every time we're being denounced as fans, closet fans etc . If I had a cupboard full of horse tat and glittery shite, as someone who accepts post-feminist without embracing it - I wouldn't have a problem announcing myself as a KP fan. It seems some people cannot compute that some some people just don't like what PA and his cronies are up to - full stop. No agenda, no ulterior motive. So stop this derailing nonsense please.

I doing need to pull a million links to show you evidence of Peter making Emily the new saintly, betterer mother figure - you've doubtlessly already read them so I don't need to answer the rest of your post. I also added that KP was also guilty of this but not as persistant or, over the to threatening so nothing to argue thee either.
Because you can't......he's not making Emily anything, she, so far does not appear to be a racially abusive, bullying tramp who thinks nothing of dragging home strangers or p*ssing off for her jollies across the globe instead of attending the marathon she promised....and she hasn't yet suggested AFAIK that a lot of children with disabilities are 'mollies'.

Because this woman does not appear to be any of those she is oddly insulted as being a 'saint'. Jesus.
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