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Because you can't......he's not making Emily anything, she, so far does not appear to be a racially abusive, bullying tramp who thinks nothing of dragging home strangers or p*ssing off for her jollies across the globe instead of attending the marathon she promised....and she hasn't yet suggested AFAIK that a lot of children with disabilities are 'mollies'.

Because this woman does not appear to be any of those she is oddly insulted as being a 'saint'. Jesus.
Argument voided. I think your reply belongs on a KP thread because that's all you're talking about. As I again reiterate, he's made Emily a saintly new mother who the kids are "obsessed" with in the eyes of the kids. Google, nay, even this thread is your friend.

Yes Bo*l/cks.
It's a special DS thing.
Cyril says they call the tat buyers window lickers in the industry, because they have no respect for them. Cyril is in the industry did you know?
I don't know or speak for Cyril, he/she will have to answer for his/her self. You have redefined the semantics of the word 'fan' your your own means. I feel like a forum cop..but this cra* has got to stop
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