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That's convenient and I did wonder how long the little gem of 'wrong thread' was brought up - as long as you or anyone else feels it o.k to bring KP into a post then I will respond - if you don't like it then I suggest you don't bring it into your posts, as that would be hypocritical wouldn't it?

But your right, there is no argument, because there is no such evidence on google that PA is "making" anyone anything.
Here's a thing - some people are just nice.

As I have said before if not getting p*ssed whilst pregnant, not being offensive about race and disabilities and being an abusive bully etc,etc,etc,etc is now classified as being a saint - then this world is truly f*cked up.

To try and normalise disgraceful behaviour in an attempt to have a pop at PA and insult another woman is barrel scraping.
I will add that I am no fan of PA.
You are a fan according to Fizgig's logic

It's ok to mention KP in reference to something PA does or says in a PA thread ...but endless post pointing out her many faults instead of arguing the point in hand does not make for debate. It makes for a yawnsome, utterly pointless game of who is worserer. Unless purposefully derailment is the objective, which I'm sure it isn't.

So lets not do that anymore
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