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Am I the only one here that isn't missing the fact that Hermoine was "made" beautiful by JK by the time the Book 4 Triwizard Yule Ball came around. When Draco hexed Hermoine so her teeth grew even larger than normal, she didn#t just get them fixed. she had them shrunk to regular for want of a better size, even though it was a while before her friends noticed. Remember that moment in the book and movie when Harry notices Hermoine in her dress ansd his jaw drops?

I know Emma Watson never had Hermoine's original appearance but for me it proves she was just as right for the role as anyone else.
One of the best things about the early HPs was that Harry wasn't your typical hero. He was short and skinny and wore glasses. Ron was ginger and gangly. Hermione had bushy hair and rabbit teeth. But the 'Hollywood effect' proved too much and by the time the series blew up, JK started to make them all typically attractive.

It's a real shame that the thought of casting an unattractive young female in a starring role was unbearable.

Perhaps because of their popualrity everything that can be said has been said for the moment. It may be that a break may be needed for a new generation of fans to emerge and reignite the conversations, or at least time for people to start looking back in retrospect.

I used to talk about Harry Potter online when there were only a few books but got fed up with the attitude of some people who wouldn't allow any negative opinions going way past just disagreeing with an opinion.
I found that some forums contained borderline acts of bullying at times and not always from younger people and kids.
I feel the same, I still love HP but everyone else has moved on. I joined some forums but I hated all the competition to be the BEST Harry Potter fan, plus half of the members hadn't even read the books so I left in disgust
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