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Actually I think it's you who have the skewed idea of drug addiction.

Just because you 'need' or are 'dependent' on a drug does not make you an addict or 'junkie'. There are thousands of people who are 'dependent' on sleeping pills. That doesn't make them addicts. They need sleeping medication because for physical or mental reasons they are unable to sleep, a function that is vital to our health and well being. And therefore they need to take medication for that purpose... to remain healthy. That's not to say they can't become dependent in the way where it steps over into addiction where the need is no longer to manage a condition. A lot of ignorance stems from the inability of people to separate the two.

It doesn't make them anymore addicts than those who are dependent on drugs to treat chemical imbalances and mental illnesses or those who have to spend the rest of their lives taking anti rejection drugs after a transplant.

For all we know Michael Jackson might be a junkie, addicted to this medication but like tomclarky suggests there's nothing to say that he wasn't just being treated (albeit incorrectly) for his inability to sleep, a genuine medical condition which lots of people suffer from and use medication for.

If you cannot sleep without sleeping pills for a protracted period of time without sleeping pills (so, obviously, anything longer than a dose for short term sleep deprivation) then you are addicted, it's as simple as that. I was myself but I haven't touched sleeping pills for over a year. Sleeping pills should not be taken by anyone long term, no matter how serious their sleep deprivation, as they simply stop working.

& there is absolutely no comparison with prescription drugs for depression/mental illness. Yes, these are open to abuse, but being on them long term does not necessarily mean addiction and being on them long term does not necessarily mean addiction.

& anti rejection drugs after a transplant is such a silly comparison it's not even worth commenting.
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