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Here's a picture of Michael Jackson shown to the court.

Karen Faye has been giving evidence this morning. Basically saying what a great artist he was, she seems a bit off hand with the Jacksons lawyer...treating him as igronant. Wonder how the jury see it.

In the video, fans are screaming, some being carted out on stretchers. Panish asks Faye if this is common for a Jackson concert.

Faye: “You obviously have not seen a Michael Jackson concert in your life.”

Panish: “I’m not answering that. I get to ask the questions.”
If the shoe fits....

Lots of photos are shown, including a smoky image of Jackson standing on tippy-toes. Debate ensues over what brand the shoes are.

Panish asks if they’re Air Jordans. No, Faye responds. Judge names another brand. Nope, Faye says fans in the courtroom would know the brand of shoes. Before Panish can stop them, two or three voices call out, “LA Gear!”
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