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When I heard about Jimmy having the police around to his flat for tea etc. I immediately thought crafty so and so. I think he was getting on their "good side" so if something did happen they would be on his side because he was such a *nice* friendly man. That is just my opinion because he came across as a devious individual to me.
That he does. When the news came on this evening, my mum commented she reckons he clearly kept them sweet (them = the police).

He seemed very devious indeed, what with talk of threatening others jobs etc., it seemed like he knew the dirt on most people he came across or worked with - it makes you wonder what they might be wanting to hide but then again, maybe not? maybe the truth is alot more mundane.

An independent inquiry would make alot of sense I think though, if it could investigate everything from what happened in the hospitals to at the BBC and the police handling and so on.
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