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59 pages and no apology: Anger at West Yorkshire Police report on Jimmy Savile affair which failed to address why officers were blinkered by his celebrity
Victims’ lawyer hits out at 'pathetic' document that clears police of shielding TV idol
I can understand peoples anger, I totally understand victims anger, the cynic in me says lawyers were hoping police would show a catalogue of coverups so they could sue them as well as places such as the BBC and get more of a cut of the victims payouts if and when they get any whilst I feel for victims the lawyers aren't in this out of the goodness of their hearts.

But I have to ask why are people so surprised the police were blinkered, they are humans and was the rest of the coiuntry also not taken in by him, the guy was clever that is what he did , conned people , pushed himself into high flying cirlces so he could hide in public and made everyone think "that Jimmy is fantastic, look what he does for charity, wont hear a word against him" and each time he managed that he set about his real work, one of the most "down to earth" whilst at the same time "elaborate" con men of our time.

I think the truth is far less dirty tricks and full of secrets than some want it to be which would be easier to make sense of, I just think he was a narcissist, incredibly devious and manipulative and conned us all.
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