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A Company Man - 7/10. A South Korean film about an agency of contract killers masquerading as a metal-trading business. Although well made with a couple of good action scenes, it's surprisingly forgettable. Started out strong, but ended weak. Score: 5 for the first half and 2 for the second half.

Slap Shot - 6/10. I shouldn't have re-watched this. Loved it when I first saw it, but now? Dragged a bit in places. Still enjoyed the climax, though.

Deathwatch - n/a. Stopped watching after some twenty minutes. Got bored.

A Soldier's Story (1984) - 8/10. A military officer investigates the murder of a black sergeant bully while getting know to an all-black platoon during WWII. It's a well-made character-driven murder-mystery / psychological drama. Occasionally preachy, but a must-see if you enjoyed films like Joint Security Area, A Few Good Men and The General's Daughter.
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