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Yes, but again, this should only ever be for a few weeks absolute maximum. Any doctor will tell you that sleeping pills are habit forming = addictive. Nowadays, most doctors (NHS anyway), will not even prescribe them unless your sleep loss is so severe that it's become dangerous. Even then, they will be monitored carefully and not prescribed for any more than 2 weeks at any one time. They are extremely addictive drugs; this is a medical fact and not just my opinion.

Having an anaesthetic injected into you every night to assist sleep (which is what appears to have happened with Jackson) is addiction IMHO.
we are not talking about normal doctors though are we , they were on the jackson payroll , not one or two either ,so it could enable to him too have more of the drugs he wanted .
he was a hopeless addict . anyone that cannot see that is either blind or themselves hopelessly devoted to michael jackson .
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