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That's really sad, Izzy and it sounds to me like you were being targetted. These type of people (men I assume from what you've said) look for people who are vulnerable and then test to see just how vulnerable someone is before they make their move. Jerry Sandusky is a case in point and this article describes it well - It sounds like you had a lucky escape, at least I hope you did, and I'm glad you were wise enough to realise that they were not genuine in their approach to you.

Your mum is right in that youth is for mistakes and learning from them, but if it still bothers you it may help to talk to someone about it. If you want some details of places to
approach PM me.

I know from unfortunate experience that the manipulation is the worst bit. That's what stays with you, the "mind rape". They know what they're doing and as we get older and wiser we know what they're doing too. It has to stop.
Thank you - I expect to get flack when I post about it. I only do as its the only way ive known such sort of similar people I suppose. I had issues before then though, I think.

I really dont feel I could talk about it outloud to be honest - I'd be far too embarrassed and I find it hard to talk to strangers in person - I have a phobia of talking on the phone too. The only place I really communicate with people other than my parents is online.

Yes, I remember being told by someone that he didnt think a 16 year old could be so sensual and that they couldnt help but fall for me, in a way that made it seem like it was my fault because I remember they said they wouldnt have taken notice of someone so young usually but when they started talking to me online they were so attracted to how mature I sounded and so on - pah! I do feel to blame because I could have blocked them but at first I was just looking for someone to talk to that I thought I could hopefully trust. If they knew my age early on and wouldnt normally engage in conversation then why did they? I wonder(!). Its so seedy - yuck. I hate that people can try and turn it on you. How any teen can be really sensual and so on I have no idea - its laughable...i barely knew how to flirt and I dont really know how to talk around guys now anyway. I really hope schools teach more about what to be wary of, how to recognise such people by how they change conversations and give over the top compliments etc.

Did something happen to you? Im sorry
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