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Some more from Karen Faye...

She did Michael's make up and gave him false eyelashes for a TV appearance when he announced he was going to rehab.

Under cross examination Faye said she was released not fired from the HIStory tour.

Michael's wife Debbie Rowe who was pregnant had a role in Faye being removed from the tour she was jealous of their closeness. When she went to back to work for Michael he made Debbie apologise to Faye for having a role in getting her fired.

For the "This Is It" tour she was concerned about Michael sweating due to him wearing a hairpiece, she consulted a doctor about Botox. She had two prescription drugs in her name for Michael Propecia & Latisse for Hair and Eyelash growth.

Karen prepared Michael's body for the family to see after he died.

Rebbie Jackson approached Karen to discuss fears about Michael's drug use. Karen believed the was not successful in getting Michael into rehab.
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