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Her bridesmaid Michelle Clack is a good example and Katie's revenge was to accuse her of having an affair with Pete in an interview with OK.

“One of my friends chose not to see me any more after me and Peter split. I was really upset at the time and now I hear she’s seeing Pete,” said Katie.

“If that’s the case, then his girlfriend is one of my ex-friends, which I predicted would happen. I hope he does have a girlfriend and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her.”

Asked to elaborate on which friend she had lost, Katie said: “Yes, one of my bridesmaids.”

Katie’s allegations come hot on the heels of an interview with Michelle in a Sunday paper in which she claimed that Katie frequently lied.

“I don’t even think Kate knows she’s lying most of the time,” Michelle told the News of the World. “Once she’s on a roll, she gets carried away with it. I’ve seen her ability to tell lies in loads of different circumstances.”

Michelle, who had been friends with Katie long before she met Peter Andre, reveals that Katie forced her and Nick to choose between the two when the couple split, and that they sided with Peter because of Katie’s behaviour.

“Her gripe is that people around her are using her for pictures, money or fame. She’s done that with the majority of her close friends. She’s fallen out with us all,” Michelle revealed.

She says she tried to maintain her friendship with Katie following the split, but things broke down in July.

“I’d always told her we were going to act like grown-ups and not take sides,” claims Michelle. “But she texted me and said, ‘Not happy. Saw all of you at Pete’s. This isn’t going to work out. You need to think who your loyalties lie with.’”

“I was her matron of honour and best friend. So I still feel sad. But the way she’s hurt Pete means I don’t want anything to do with her again,” Michelle added."

Pressgazette The latest writ also reveals that Can Associates set up interviews between other celebrities – such as Jamelah Asmar and Price’s former friend Michelle Clack – and newspapers, in which they were critical of Price.

Just another set up story thats being challenged, wasnt clacks b/f involved in the sale of princesses burn picture, nice people eh
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