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Pressgazette The latest writ also reveals that Can Associates set up interviews between other celebrities – such as Jamelah Asmar and Price’s former friend Michelle Clack – and newspapers, in which they were critical of Price.

Just another set up story thats being challenged, wasnt clacks b/f involved in the sale of princesses burn picture, nice people eh
There was a huge campaign against her at that company, involving all of them, GW, DW, friends of his - all from the moment she left. They knew they needed to make her the bad ol witch in order to turn pete into the scorned single father and get all the press stories, shows and other deals out of it. As i've said many times Pete's "suffering" sells and he didn't start "suffering" just by accident - its carefully crafted (and to give CP some credit) cleverly orchestrated. It really wouldn't suprise me that part of the reason he left was because they(PA/CP) hatched the plan together to do it.

All his supporters will argue different, but i hope one day the actual proven factual truth comes out.
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