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Liz Bones is never going to change. She's a straightforward case of meeting Narcissitic Personality Disorder diagnostic criteria.
Much as she would hate to be considered pretty common re her mental health issues, after all very many her 'special' therapies, all of whicn have been so unsuccessful. They would be as the key feature of a narcissitic person is a total lack of empathy. Which LJ has.
So all her column/interviews content will follow the same cyclical pattern until she finds ones that works for her to feel better (short cut version courtsy of Wikipedia):

1.unconscious repression
2.conscious denial
3.distortion (including exaggeration and minimization) and lies
4.psychological projection (blaming somebody else)
5.enlisting the help of one or more of his or her codependent friends who will support his or her distorted view.

Sorry to sound so formal, but I figure she is never going to change. She'll get worse and continue irrating the hell out of us.

Psychological Bingo LJ anyone?
She usually does all 5 in one article.

I still loathe her comments and the fact that she is so insutling to so many people in so many ways. Not least that she is paid a small fortune to write lies about her self and other people that she expects us to believe.

I'd love to read LJ Diary's from an enforced periord in The Priory, sans her regular product placements, but I think she is too much of a cash cow for Paul Dacre to get shot of her.
For the moment.

I still loathe her for her writings.
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