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AEG began producing witnesses today.

Stacy Walker an assistant choreographer although Michael was thinner and missed multiple rehearseals she felt in his last two days he looked ready for a series of shows.

Stacy said she Michael wearing multi layered clothing was from personal choice, although she recalled one incident where Michael appeared groggy or drugged she could not remember if she witnessed it or heard it from others.

Travis Payne, an associate director on the "This Is It" concerts who worked with Michael on a daily basis for 3 months said although he was thinner he was not alarmed and used to have lunch with Michael. Travis said Michael was tired some days and some dances were modified because of his age. Travis will continue with his evidence today.

Another witness was Dr. Christopher Rodgers who is a medical examiner who carried out the autopsy on Michael said Michael was not underweight and appeared to be in excellent health and did not have the signs of someone starving.

The family seem to be arguing Michael was clearly weak and drug riddled and AEG ignored the signs and pushed him harder and harder.

AEG seem to saying Michael was fighting fit but haven't as yet explained why he missed multiple rehearsals.
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