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Does anybody read the comments on the Dreary any more? I have a feeling that 'Atticus' might be the old Lizard itself! Somebody called 'MPP, Surrey' has really got under his/her skin, but Atticus' responses have been interesting. MPP made a comment referring to LJ's farticle:
where she drags her poor husband Micheal around Burberry in the West End on an extendable lead. Atticus seems to have a very detailed knowledge of precisely what took place on that shopping trip...
"for a start Michael was taken into one shop and not 'dragged around the West End'; he was not in the least terrified but quite content on an interesting (to him) outing with his owner and he was wearing an 'extendable' lead, not one that was fully extended at all times. Can't imagine why you can even start to criticise since you believe LJ is a total fantasist and repeat endlessly how everything she writes is imagined anyway."
It's very entertaining - which is more than I can say for the Dreary!
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