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More from yesterday...

Dr. Christopher Rogers said Michael's death involved multiple drugs, the main one being propofol but other drugs (benzodiazepines) present, it was considered a polypharmacy death. He was aware Arnie Klein was also treating Michael, when asked if other doctors contributed to Michael's death he said "I don't believe so."

Asked by the lawyer for the family if IV treatment by paramedics & hospital staff might have increased Michael's weight, Dr Rogers said Michael's body had some fat but most of his weight appeared to be muscle.

Assitant Producer Travis Payne told of how he began working with Michael before the Dangerous tour. Worked privately with Michael in preperation for the 'This Is It' shows, no signs of drug abuse. Never saw Michael drink alcohol or take any medication, no signs of addiction. Had only met Arnie Klein & Debbie Rowe from Michael's medical team.
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