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Asked by an AEG lawyer about how Michael seemed at rehearsals in June Travis Payne said at times he was lethargic and needed “support” to rehearse. Travis said at one point he and others attempted to bring in a physical therapist to help Michael, but the idea was rejected by Michael as a violation of his personal space.

Payne said he twice briefly met Conrad Murray, once as they passed on the stairs at Michael's rented home and once after rehearsals. Payne said after the first meeting with Murray he told Kenny Ortega he did not think Murray was an official doctor, he and Ortega were aware Michael had sleep problems.

Payne was asked if AEG executives knew of Michael's sleep problems, following objections he was only allowed to say “No” as to whether Paul Gongaware knew.

Travis testified by mid June there was talk by AEG of pulling the plug on 'This Is It'.

Although Dr. Arnie Klein may not appear as a witness, the medical records he has may appear.

Payne agreed with the families lawyer that Michael did not attend rehearsals on May 19 and June 22, that yesterday he had mistakenly said Michael was present on May 19.

Panish the families lawyer ended by asking three questions...
[LIST][*]Did you see that Michael Jackson appeared to be pressured to get everything done at the Staples last rehearsals?
[*]The pressure about the shows started to manifest itself physically in Michael Jackson.
[*]You could sense that something was wrong, you just didn't know what it was.[/LIST]
Travis Payne responed yes to all three questions.

At this point Travis's demeanor seemed to change and he appeared to be holding back tears.

On redirect examination, Jessica Stebbins Bina for AEG asked how many rehearsals did Michael attend, Travis could not recall dates or precise numbers but he said it was a 'significant' number.

Jessica showed a number of pictures taken at the premiere of the 'This Is It' film, one showed Payne smiling with Jackson brothers Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon.

The families lawyer pointed out Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren didn’t go to the premiere because they weren’t over Jackson’s death. To which Travis responded he didn’t think anyone was over Jackson’s death when the film premiered in late 2009.
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