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She's just a ridiculous old racist, content to allow her family to attack people on facebook. She ought to be ashamed.
Of all Audrey's faults, I'd put that very low on the list, but I agree with you that FB bullying is something that should be stamped upon- HARD. Attacking people's families is such a cowardly, pathetic thing to do, I find it hard to understand the petty minded people who would do that.
Of course, Em and Sam have put themselves out there and in the public eye so they are fair game.
But the hate group- indeed any hate group on FB are mean, nasty and uncalled for. I hated the one about the Chawners.It went too far.

The story never changes!
And t'will be evermore Simi. Philth and family don't have any intentions of changing. As long as they get their mugs on telly.
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