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The court was not in session yesterday and won't begin again till this afternoon (evening UK).

During her evidence Karen Faye said she had in her name the prescription drug 'Propecia' for Michael. Today it featured on TV as a drug purchased online without a prescription that should never be prescribed to a woman. The TV programmes medical expert warned the drug would have serious consequences regarding childbirth for a woman.

So how was Karen getting that drug in her name and where from?

Faye also mentioned Dr. Stuart Finkelstein as being the doctor on tours, soon after Michael's death Roger Friedman wrote...

Ironically, Dr. Finkelstein lists himself as an addiction specialist. When I tried to talk to him last week, he read me a statement and got off the phone. Finkelstein has gotten a lot of publicity for working with Britney Spears and Robert Downey Jr., among others. One article referred to him as “the rock and roll doctor.”
Friedman's annoymous source said...

According to one observer, Dr. Finkelstein would supply Michael with the drugs he wanted, then tape the “antidote” to what he’d given him to the singer’s headboard.

“I refused to take part in any of it,” says this longtime Jacko friend. “I was asked to transport ‘patches’ to Bangkok during the ‘Dangerous’ tour. I refused. When I arrived the doctor found me and said it was’ good thing I didn’t because it was syringes and liquid opiates and I would have been hanged in Thailand for bringing them in without being a doctor.”
Sounds very similar to what Karen Faye told the court.

The secret source also said Michael was addicted. The doctors would ‘balance’ his drugs, just enough, so he could perform and make his benefactors rich. The source threatened doctors, but new ones would appear.
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