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I usually assume someone becomes an actor because they enjoy playing different roles, trying on new characters etc. But some actors seem to take on one role and treat it like a job for life eg the now infamous William Roache; Sally Dynevor; Adam Woodyat; Helen Worth; Ann Kirkbride and so on

They all joined Corrie or EE as young actors just starting out and are still there decades later having played no other roles whatsoever. They might as well have got a job in the Civil Service or the Bank or somesuch as all they seem to want is a secure job for life. Nothing wrong with that, but surely actors are meant to have more of a sense of adventure, experimentation etc?
But when actors do leave and go to another soap people then call that other soap a graveyard for characters from another soap, or they continue to call the character by their old characters name as thoughy they have no right to move on, so really they cannot win whatever they do.

And why might an actor just as well work for the civil service or a bank? neither are similar to acting and whats wrong with enjoying acting but also wanting to stay in the same role ?
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