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Love chubbs but his work after the cancer has suffered. Very nice guy away from the stage. People forget on stage hes a character just like frankie boyle
My niece has met him (whilst on a work experience photo shoot at around age 15) and admitted (reluctantly as she was very opposed to his stage material) that he does come across in person as a very nice guy - and not crude at all.

I'd seen some of his stuff before (a friend showed us a video way back in the early 90's) and I have to admit I DID find some parts of his act very funny. His one-liners were great - such as the Harrods one or the gynaecologist one (and no - that one isn't as naughty as you may expect). I felt guilty laughing at bits as he's not normally the kind of comedian I go for (I'm more of a Jeremy Hardy or Bill Hicks kind of fan) but I have to admit I DID laugh at bits.

And I still like his crack about what people EXPECT him to be like in person - the vanilla slice comment I believe sums it up.
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