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In tweets by ABC 7 there is more on Hollander's evidence...

Hollander: "My understating was that Dr. Murray was part of the budget, is listed on the budget for the tour at the request of the artist."

"Timm Wooley advised me that Dr. Murray was being engaged at the request of the artist," Hollander testified, saying contract with AEG Live

Hollander: There was $300,000 listed on the budget for Dr. Murray, yes. That budget was approved by Mr. Gongaware.

Memo: MJ wishes to have permanent physician available on call thru pre-tour/operational period. There are 2 months at $150K newly budgeted.

Panish showed the jury the budget from 5/16/09 for 27 shows: Management Medical --300,000; 450,000; 750,000
Total: $1.5MM to pay Dr. Murray
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