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Hm, you are correct in saying that vitiligo is not life threatening and is not necessarily likely to be passed on (my father has it, but neither I nor either of my sisters do, as far as we can tell), but it can be very unpleasant, particularly for someone who does not have pale skin naturally (which presumably, his children wouldn't have).

As for the 'not using a black donor' thing... This is just my reasoning... Whilst his family may have identified themselves with black culture, I am not sure Michael did. Look at his plastic surgery, all procedures that made his features less like that of a black person (or any kind of person really, but still), and his hair that was turned straight, and non-afro.... He certainly doesn't strike me as someone who was happy with the way he looked and was proud of who he was, he may have thought that passing on his 'bad' genes would have not been good for the kids.
I dont think Michael Jackson would have used a donor to prevent passing on vitilligo (and the children may very well be genetically his) because Debbie Rowe appears to suffer from it herself.
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