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Actors are supposed to be gypsies - free to move around taking on different roles like chameleons. That's a real actor for you, that's what they are meant to do.

However poor actors end up in soaps playing themselves until death (or scandal, it seems these days). They know they are well paid for doing the same types of lines, the same types of situations and any talent they may have for other roles diminish.

Anthony Cotton could never play any other role but the one he has in Corrie. It's a fact. He played the same role in Queer As Folk. He knows he onto a good thing and he'll stay until he is fired. Just the way it is.

A soap actor has become a genre over the last two or three decades. I'm sure there are youngsters now who want to be a soap actor - as opposed to a regular actor, doing different parts in theatre and TV - as a lifelong career.
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