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Good Lord, even by his gutter standards that's particularly hateful.

I'd expect that sort of thing from an internet troll, not a stand-up comedian.

Some great comments about him on the various YouTube clips are reproduced below -

"As funny as Jimmy Savile"

"Roy Chubby Brown is living proof that nobody ever went broke pandering to the lowest common denominator. The morons who laugh at this would be out of their depth with classic Dave Allen - they'd even be out of their depth with Jim Davidson, for Christ's sake. Brown gives the dunces of society exactly what they want - repugnant racial hatred, small-minded nastiness, bigoted attitudes and plenty of effing and blinding. He's like Derek and Clive without the humour or the insight. Pitiful"

"When does the comedian come on?"

"Absolute, bottom of the barrel comedy for retards"

"I think he got half of his material from drunk hecklers"

Plus, he does sound a bit of a dick.
Yeah, I've always known him to be vulgar and what not, but that comment about Katie Price's son was WAY out of order. It was extremely cruel. As for the ones laughing at that joke, I wonder how they would look back on that time if they ever had a physically disabled child like Harvey?
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