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No, it happened twice. It's also worth noting that there were always rumours that Jordy Chanadler's (first boy he paid off) father made Jordy make up the allegations. There were also recordings of the father saying he's going to "f**k Jackson up and make sure he never sells another record". Jordy and his father apparently stopped speaking not long after the big MJ trial. Jordy's father committed suicide not too long ago...not a single person attended his funeral. Make of that what you will, but I think MJ was taken advantage of by so many people, including family members. He had so much money and he was so naive. Even people who worked for him wanted a piece of his wealth. I mean, just look at his doctor!! Everyone around him was dodgy. I think he had a lot of issues, but I think he was just a very naive, misunderstood man who was able to trust absolutely nobody, and who people took advantage of.
Twice that you know of. If Jordy wasn't talking to his father then when they shared the same apartment for years must have used a lot of post-it notes.

Have you heard the full version of the phone calls as handed to the police by convicted criminal & audio expert Anthony Pellicano, or read the 124 (?) page transcript?

If your child had been molested by an adult, isn't it likely a parent will say.."I'm going to make them pay for it". ?

Apart from one person, do you know anyone who saw the local TV news report in April (?) 1994 that Mary Fischer pulled out of the hat, in her defence of Michael Jackson?

I don't buy the poor likkle naive Michael image, he made manipulative calculated lie after lie.

He was still saying in 1994 he'd prove his innocence in court whilst he'd gone for settlement. He said to settle was a personal decision to protect his image and he didn't want it to drag on.

Then to stop certain details of the settlement being made public he changes his story and files a statement that an unamed insurance company overuled him and settled the 1993 case despite his wishes.

This is a guy who had Anthony Pellicano working for him in 1993, who negotiated Wade Robson's record deal at the same time he dealt with the Chandlers.

In 2004 he had 'pornographer and professional swindler' Marc Schaffel taking care of the accussers, a man who'd been publicly exposed in 2001 as a scam artist.
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