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Yesterday morning the families lawyer decided not to call a propofol expert instead they sat and watched a deposition video by another expert witness.

The video was of Marty Hom a freelancer tour manager who's worked for AEG Live and Live Nation with such acts as the Eagles, Bette Midler, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and other big-name acts.

Asked by the families lawyer given ties to AEG how he could convince the jury he was objective. He said he'd worked with Janet Jackson and met Katherine a few times.

Hom said he'd never hired a doctor to go on tour with an artist, he'd use local doctors if an artist took sick. He'd never worked on a tour where an artist brought along a doctor.

He said would not hire a doctor to give an opiate-dependent artist Demerol. Neither would he hire a doctor if it was known the doctor was feeding an artist's chemical dependency.

The families lawyer asked if he hoped to continue working for AEG, to which he replied yes and also Live Nation.

AEG's lawyer asked if Hom knew of any tours where a doctor had been included he said there had been one on a previous Rolling Stone tour and a Blink-182 tour.
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