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not taking to it, haven't you ever heard the term earth mother before?
Absolutely I have, that's my whole point. I hear this god-awful cliche wheeled out by the media ad nauseam and have yet to fathom what it actually means.

As far as I can decipher, it means a female celebrity who is frequently pictured doing seemingly 'normal' things with her offspring whilst wearing 'normal' clothes and cracking 'normal' facial expressions. See also Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, etc.

In other words it could be used to encompass any celebrity parent bar Victoria Beckham. Or indeed, any parent at all who doesn't have a bevvy of nannies, hired help and designer togs at their disposal.

We have no idea whether, behind the cameras, a woman is a so-called 'earth mother' or not. I'm willing to bet that every celeb has at least one nanny and we don't have a CLUE which of these ladies has 'embraced motherhood wholeheartedly' or in fact struggled with PND, feelings of regret, etc etc.

That's why the phrase 'earth mother' is stoopid.

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