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AEG executive Julie Hollander returned to continue her evidence about budgets....

The families lawyer produced documents that showed AEG had budgeted Conrad Murray as “preproduction cost.” The $300k for Murray was not listed under terms MJ was supposed to pay. Murray was never paid.

Part of Hollander's deposition testement was played to the court, it was the first time she’d seen costs for an artists’ physician included in a tour budget.

After Michael's death some vendors complained about not being paid. Karen Faye threatened to complain to Randy Phillips that a $11,500 payment for wigs had been stopped.

When Phillips was informed he responded, “Pay it immediately,” Phillips wrote in an email. “Do not stiff any vendors.”

AEG began their questiioning of Julie Hollander by asking about advance payments made to Michael Jackson. Hollander said she was instructed not to pay Murray until Jackson signed the physician’s contract.

Hollander said, “A budget is just a tool,” a guide for the tour, the contract’s terms dictate the payments.
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