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No, it happened twice. It's also worth noting that there were always rumours that Jordy Chanadler's (first boy he paid off) father made Jordy make up the allegations. There were also recordings of the father saying he's going to "f**k Jackson up and make sure he never sells another record". Jordy and his father apparently stopped speaking not long after the big MJ trial. Jordy's father committed suicide not too long ago...not a single person attended his funeral. Make of that what you will, but I think MJ was taken advantage of by so many people, including family members. He had so much money and he was so naive. Even people who worked for him wanted a piece of his wealth. I mean, just look at his doctor!! Everyone around him was dodgy. I think he had a lot of issues, but I think he was just a very naive, misunderstood man who was able to trust absolutely nobody, and who people took advantage of.
making so much money not only for himself but the people around him that they would have done anything including breaking the law to protect their money making machine . Michael Jackson has all the classic signs of a pedophile and the only people who wont believe it are his deluded fans . one of which knows what is about to come out and hasn't posted anything on here for ages . wonder why that is ? possibly because evidence is about to come out that will bring his beloved idol`s legacy crashing down .
and even if he didn't actually abuse anyone which in my opinion he most definitely did , his behavior was entirely inappropriate and disgusting .
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