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I think a 'I'll f*cking kill him' would be more likely to be said. I think wanting to 'make them pay' is a bit of an odd thing to say. The last thing on my mind would be ruining the abuser's career. I'd be seeking justice not caring about whether I'll be damaging their reputation. Also I wouldn't care about money or a settlement if I was truly wanting to 'make them pay'.

Not that I'm saying the allegation was necessarily made up just commenting on that.
Making someone pay for it, does need to mean money it could be a whole host of things...haven't you ever heard siblings threaten to 'murder' each other, it often just means 'I'm annoyed'.

In the case of Michael Jackson in 1993 and now with Wade Robson it's being said Michael exploited his fame...look how mums flocked to leave their kids with him overnight.

Wasn't an award especially created of "King of Pop" to satisfy his ego...didn't he have pictures of himself crowned on a throne, didn't he adopt a royal style, didn't he name one of his children Prince.

Look at the abuse hurled at Wade Robson by peace loving MJ fans....even threats of physical violence. As a parent would you have dragged your 13 year old into court knowing how vindictive MJ fans can be and deal with the lies with long serving criminal Anthony Pellicano would spread?

Jackson had plenty of time to make a statement re any molestation, he remained silent. If nothing happened he had nothing to worry about.
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