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No, it happened twice. It's also worth noting that there were always rumours that Jordy Chanadler's (first boy he paid off) father made Jordy make up the allegations. There were also recordings of the father saying he's going to "f**k Jackson up and make sure he never sells another record". Jordy and his father apparently stopped speaking not long after the big MJ trial. Jordy's father committed suicide not too long ago...not a single person attended his funeral. Make of that what you will, but I think MJ was taken advantage of by so many people.

"I have pointed out quite a few times on here that a pastor, Jason Francia, stated he was in fact abused by Jackson & felt he now had to tell the truth given his profession. He states he initially denied in court having been abused by Jackson for fears of being labelled gay, but later conceded Jackson had "touched his genitals for a number of minutes in Jackson's 'safe room'"

Francia (or his parents) were also paid $2 million in 1994.

The parents of another boy, Jimmy Safechuck (here with Jackson in 1988) were also reportedly paid $1million and given gifts of a Rolls Royce and two Mercedes."
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