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Blind Items Revealed

From: CDAN:

From October 22, 2012

What celebrity mom who is more famous for the A lister she married than any other possible reason finally got some time to spend with her kids alone. It was also the first time she was not being watched by a sober coach. She spent the hour with her kids in front of the television and drinking two bottles of vodka. When the time came to pick up the kids our mom was passed out on the floor and the kids still watching television.

Christmas Jones has custody now (Thank God)

From CDAN:

From October 24, 2012

This A list all movie actress is filming her latest movie outside the country after a recent breakup. So far she has refused to eat any food that she does not recognize, or that is not from America. She also complained about her accommodations and has been moved four times to try and make her happy. She has yelled at the crew constantly and thinks every guy that talks to her is hitting on her and has decreed that only people who have speaking scenes with her are actually allowed to speak to her.

Black Widow

From CDAN:

From October 25, 2012

This A list celebrity in the rest of the world and probably a B- or a C+ here in the states ran into her ex about two months ago. The ex that basically tortured her on a daily basis. Apparently this ex who is an actor made the moves on his ex and assumed she would be willing to have one night of fun. Well, he assumed wrong and she got the current e-mail address of his current A list actress girlfriend and told her what happened, but the actress accused her of making moves on her man. "Look at the history" is what the A list celebrity wrote back.

Charlene, Unfaithful, Storm
Ok I'm being dense but who are all these people? Plus I thought when it was revealed they actually put the real names on there?
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