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My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Firefiles were passed for UK cinema release by the bbfc ratings board today, though who knows how wide a release they'll get.

Edit- there is a trailer for the release here:
Here's a list of cinemas showing them so far, from Studio Ghibli's Facebook page:

Nothing in Northamptonshire, unfortunately for me. But at least I'll have both of them on DVD soon.

Have any of you seen the Castle of Cagliostro? It's not technically by Studio Ghibli but it's by Hayao Miyazaki who I pretty much consider to be Studio Ghibli. It's a brilliant adventure film in its own right and I am a big fan of Lupin III
I have, despite having not seen Lupin III prior. I liked the humour in it, especially the banter between Lupin and Zenigata. Although what happened to the villain in the end was a bit awful, when you think about it. I also have Secret of Mamo (one of the films from the original creators of Lupin, Monkey Punch) and while it's not as good as TCoC, it's still decent.

Spirited Away, Only Yesterday and Laputa: Castle in the Sky are my favourites, buy I like most of their other films as well. Tales from Earthsea was an exception and while I like it, I think Whisper of the Heart is somewhat overrated. I can't wait to see The Wind is Rising and The Tale of Princess Kaguya when they're released.
I haven't heard much about those two upcoming films, all I know is that Kaguya was also in Okami, one of my favourite video games, so it'll be interesting to see another interpretation of her.
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